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About Us

Cyber Protection and Privacy Services – CPP Services represents a new, innovative and secure option in Cyber Security area on our market.
The company is created by experts with one main goal - help companies and institutions with Cyber security development and improvement.
Our consultants' expertise is recognized by many customers and clients which even more motivates the team to become a respectable leader in improvement of Cyber Security.

"Our company references cover more industries such as Financial, Insurance, Health, IT, Government, Metallurgy and all of tham are our satisfied clients. All references can be available upon request."

Clients says: “There is no effective protection without hackers thinking and without hacking techniques. Thank you guys to show us how hackers do it.”

Why Us!

Why Us!



All data and information in our company are protected on highest level, we provide confidentiality throughout the cooperation and after it.



Our team keeps you safe and protect's your integrity along with your data, showing strong moral and ethical principles and values.



Our primary aim is to provide the best service in order to keep availability on your service and business on the highest level.



Dedicated Cyber Security Team

Expertise, Commitment, Confidentiality is the guiding principle of our company. A dedicated team with dedicated work will contribute to feeling Secure and Protected.

Cyber Security Managed Services

Your professional partner in Cyber Security World, along with you on the defensive bumper.

Incident Response 24/7

Experts in forensics, analyzing and solving cyber security incidents.

Penetration Testing

Our experts will give you the real picture of your cyber security state and what is your resilience from hacker attacks.

Cyber Security Consultancy and Compliance

We are your partner in cyber security growth and compliance with cyber security standards.

Log Management/SIEM

Our company is partner with the most famous SIEM and Log Management vendors.

Security Awareness training

Professional trainers for increase the security awareness of your employees.


If you are ready to work with a trusted cybersecurity services partner.

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Team of trusted cybersecurity experts!

Certified Ethical Hacker

Certified Security Analyst

Certified Information Security Expert

Certified Network Security Expert

Certified System Security Expert

Offensive security certified professional-OSCP

Certified Compliance Expert

Certified Mobile Application Security Expert

ISO 27001 certified Expert


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Penetration Testing

Fill in all fields and our Team will create PenTest offer for you